Beautiful beach resort

"Very Good resort near by Al Ashkhara Village. Al Ashkhara beach near the resort is very nice place to hang out in the evenings. You can also spot many visitors to the beach during the holidays. It's a nice secluded place around 350 kms from Muscat."
May 20, 2019

Excellent Resort

"There is more improvement from last year as the was no fridge in last year in rooms but in 2015 provided already to all rooms and there is new rooms building with 2 rooms and hall as well mosque was build and in future planning for WIFI and swimming pool this what I heard from resort members"
Jun 17, 2019


Property is around 335 kms from Muscat and 19 kms from town of Al Ashkara. It is a beautifully located beach resort in the middle of no where. All basic facilities are available within the resort and a pristine clear beach is there to enjoy. Weather was very cool even in month of July and nights were quite cold. Its a small resort with around 12 rooms so not very crowded. Quad Bikes, shacks and BBQ pits are available on request. No wifi. Best place to visit if you want to disconnect from city life.
May 20, 2019