Services & Activities

Al Ashkhara Beach Resort is one of the  most visited Beach Resorts in the Country, not only for our location and surroundings but for the activities our resort provides to our guests and visitors.

Jet Ski's

This Sports are not like other sports, very exciting game which adds to the unique activities in this resort. This game can be played in the sea opposite to the resort with a lot of challenge in the ocean. Jet Skiing has become a dominating phenomenon in most beaches around Oman, and not limited to a certain age, everyone prefers this game, does not hesitate in showing his skills and artistry. The beach in front of the resort provides this feature with no limits in the field of movement and maneuvering space.


The fishing is an excellent experience in the area around the resort and the diversity of fishing environment makes the hobby challenging more and more. The location is facing the Indian Ocean where all the fish are good in size and abandon. The weather and the available services from the resort give the support to carry on fishing with passions. The beaches surrounding the resort provide many locations or fishing points; sandy and rocky areas that are good to practice this hobby and to search for places rich in fish using different size of hooks.

Camel & Horse Riding

Try a new experience with some of the most iconic Animals in the Arabian Peninsula, enjoy rides on the beaches and dive back into our History!

Kayak & Banana Boats

Enjoy our Kayak’s and Banana Boats on the wavy beach.